Join Us!

Let's make some magic together, whether you're a founder, investor, creative, researcher, dev, or other member of the Consumer x Web3 ecosystem.

Is ConsumerDAO for you?

  • Founders: Learn how to captivate and build magical experiences for your customers (never before possible)
  • Investors: Consumer insights x web3 alpha, have an advantage as you evaluate investment opportunities in Web2 and Web3. While getting up close and personal with innovative brands building at the intersection of Web3 and CPG.
  • Creatives: Pave the way for what the future of the consumer industry looks, feels, sounds, and tastes like! See your creative ideas come to life in web3 and in physical products.
  • Researchers: Watch your insights come to life in brands and help shape the industry and drive genuine value to people. Engage in stimulating conversations and test theories about the macro forces driving and hindering web3 adoption.

How the Membership Works

Taking a similar approach to Friends with Benefits, a DAO we look up to, we require an application or invite to join so we can curate the most relevant and high-quality community possible.

The Process:
  1. Apply. After acceptance, you'll receive a POAP to become a "Seasonal Contributor."
  2. Contribute. Participate throughout the season, earn rewards in ETH or USDC, and decide if the experience is for you.
  3. Mint. You then have a choice to mint a permanent membership (price and artwork TBD).

The Application