Our Manifesto

About us: Who we are, and where we're going

ConsumerDAO is an eclectic community of industry experts and builders redefining the relationship between brand and consumer.  We are people-obsessed creatives, globe-trotters, athletes, storytellers, adrenaline junkies, foodies, theorists, and dreamers! Just like our identities extend far beyond our titles, we believe the same applies to all consumers. We hold that the innate value of the consumer has been largely overlooked, barring brands and their customers from collectively achieving their full potential. When we see consumers, we equally see creators, collectors, and community members, all with a fiery desire to build, explore, and connect. And with emerging technology, brands have the opportunity to both capture this value, while returning value back to the consumer. As we transcend beyond the status quo, ConsumerDAO hopes to steer the ship toward a new paradigm where brands and consumers converge to add more magic to the human experience.

Why consumer goods? We believe it is the products we interact with everyday that hold the greatest potential to shape us and inherently shape the world. Just like micro habits in the context of major life goals, it is often the little things we tend to overlook simply out of their sheer prevalence in our lives that yield the greatest impact when optimized. When we see monotonous products, we see revolutionary opportunity. Opportunity to innovate and reshape these products, to infuse more magic into our daily lives. With this magic comes a deepened connection between brands and consumers, giving them unprecedented power to reap exponential mutual value, while partnering to shape the world for the better.  

Our Values

Our mission is guided by the following values:

Consumer-First Innovation: You can’t build products for tomorrow if you don’t know people today. We believe knowledge of the macro forces that drive human behavior is the ultimate alpha, whether it's in Web 1, 2, 3, or 5. We seek to know people beyond what they do, but more importantly, why they do it. We consider the why before the what. Rooting emerging technology and creative endeavors in human insights is how we'll achieve an optimal future for all. A consumer-first mindset equips us with powerful insights to solve human problems previously written off as common-place, reinvent the flywheel, and challenge the status quo.

Connection: We’re natural connectors, people-lovers, and go-givers. We share an innate drive to go deep with others and share feelings, thoughts, and ideas. We believe we come closer to uncovering life’s hidden mysteries and delights through one another. We see the value in connecting the dots between different perspectives by cultivating environments where everyone feels at home and free to share. We believe in sharing information freely, as opposed to secluding it as leverage, because at the end of the day collective value is exponential when we share and connect people and resources. 

Open thought leadership: ConsumerDAO analyzes consumer products from an analytical & human perspective to untap new ways to realize their potential and impact. Since we believe all consumer brands should take this approach in web3, we openly share discoveries, frameworks, knowledge, and theories as we uncover ways to apply ConsumerDAO magic to products. 

Diverse Perspectives: In building for the future consumer, we need all voices, perspectives, and dreamers at the table to share vivid ideas and challenge the status quo, and propose daring, but necessary takes on the familiar. innovation and creativity bloom from building authentic relationships with new people. To build products to serve and create magical experiences for everyone, we need to know what magic looks like for them. Connection and creativity feel the same to us all but might look different. Inviting and amplifying diverse perspectives gives us valuable insights into how to build the ideal products and future for everyone

Optimism and Enthusiasm: Rather than focusing on how things have traditionally been in Big Tech or Big CPG, we embrace what we have to build toward a brighter future for us all.  We work with, not against. No matter your background, we foster an inclusive space that values all perspectives. We want people with all different perspectives to join our community & feel at home. 

Creativity for Everyone Creativity exists in everyone, but it's up to us to inspire and design opportunities for them to find and express it.  We love experimenting with unusual ways of stimulating creativity and giving everyone permission to think the ridiculous. At the end of the day, consumers hold super talents, but when brands pass them the power, these talents become superpowers.

Careful Consumption: We are mindful of the impact of our consumer choices, both in products and information  (whether it be content, knowledge, negative/positive energy, media, remarks from friends, “Twitter Alpha”).  We are excited by the increased power web3 gives consumers to shape what they consume for the benefit of themselves, others, and the environment.